Review: Muse by Rebecca Lim

When comparing Muse by Rebecca Lim to the other books in the Mercy series, it’s clear to see that there is something ultra-special about it. Where the two prior books are mainly build up, this book is the climax of the series. Everything changes in this life for Mercy.

After being forced out of the life of Lela Neill at the end of Exile, Mercy is captured in yet another body in another life. This time, she is in the body of supermodel Irina Zhivanevskaya. This supermodel meets every stereotype of a supermodel, plus more. It’s really an uncanny match for Mercy since their personalities are so similar in certain ways. However, this is only a minor detail in this life for Mercy.

In this life, Mercy gets a close encounter with eight elohim as they watch her and try to protect her from Luc. However, she still doesn’t understand why they’d need to protect her from her one true love. In this life, Mercy also gets more information about her exile and why she was kicked out of heaven. And ultimately, she tries to let Ryan – the mortal boy she’s fallen in love with – go. She knows she can’t keep using him to get to Luc.

When Mercy is reincarnated as Irina, it’s clear things are changing from the very beginning. She’s feeling more and more like herself and she’s able to tap into more of her powers. She has even more of her memories. This book is the big turning point.

Muse is everything I would have expected it to be. Lim did a great job of building up the story in the first two books and in the first half of this book. The climax was powerful and moving. Not only does the story change dramatically in the second half of this book, but Mercy does too. She does a 180 and quickly realises the decisions she must make. I would have expected nothing less of Mercy at this point in the series.

Prior to reading this book, I was afraid that the buildup in Mercy’s third life wouldn’t be strong enough after such a slow ascent during the first two books, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was so glad to see all the changes Lim made in this book. It was a beautifully crafted story and I easily give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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