Review: Fury by Rebecca Lim

As the final book in the rapturous Mercy series by Rebecca Lim, Fury is unlike any of the books before it. Fury represents every bad thing Mercy has had to endure during her time on earth as a fallen angel. She works towards getting her vengeance and clearing up her moral debts.


Mercy, an angel fallen from heaven, has had to walk the earth in different human bodies over the past centuries. She doesn’t remember what she did or why she’s being punished for it. All she knows is that she has had to endure more than any other elohim (the highest of all angels).

In her last life, she was a Russian supermodel staying in Milan for a big fashion show that would save her career. However, she’s now been ejected from that life and into her own. For the first time in centuries, she’s finally living as herself after finding out the truth. Armed with the knowledge of what happened to her during her exile from heaven, she is ready to gain back her freedom. However, will she have to risk the life and the boy she’s come to love in the process?


This is the first book in the series that we are introduced to each angel Mercy has known in her lifetime. We get to meet all of the elohim, some lower angels, and also the exiled angels. However, they’re not really angels anymore – they’re demons. Along with this, we also get a chance to meet up with Ryan’s sister Lauren and her boyfriend whom we haven’t encountered since book one – Mercy – in this series. Ryan also plays a bigger role in this book than he has in any book since Mercy. We also encounter many of the characters we met in Muse as a good portion of this book is still based in the city of Milan.

Reviewers Thoughts

Personally, I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this series. I always wanted to see Mercy in her true form doing what she does best. She’s a beautiful angel who cares for the people who are close to her even if they don’t quite realise it. We truly get to see Mercy’s love develop in this book and see what exactly she’ll do to protect those she cares for.

This book was full of raw, open emotion. I never quite expected to see Mercy being so open, but I would have expected nothing less of Lim in her progression of Mercy. I fully recommend this series to anyone. It’s beautifully written and well worth the read. I will definitely reread it sometime in the future myself. I give Fury and the entire Mercy series five out of five stars. Good job Rebecca Lim!


2 thoughts on “Review: Fury by Rebecca Lim

  1. Hey! So, because I think your blog is awesome, I’ve nominated you for a Leibster Award! I did a post about the whole thing earlier today, which I’ve included at the bottom for more info and details and all that jazz about it, but just know that there are absolutely no strings attached and you can accept or not accept if you want. It’s just a nice little way of expressing my appreciation as a reader for your blog 🙂

    1. Oh this is so sweet of you. Of course I accept! I know we’ve not been following each other very long, but I just absolutely love your blog.

      I’ll get around to replying to your questions later on tonight. Again, thank you for this. I’m incredibly honoured that you would nominate me.

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