Film Review: What Maisie Knew



Meet Maisie. She is a young child with a pushy, psychopathic, aging rock star for a mother. Her father, who is an English art dealer, is always away on business. When her parents get a divorce, a battle ensues for custody of little Maisie. However, it is not an easy choice deciding who should get full custody of this adorable little girl.

When Maisie’s father marries Margo the nanny, Maisie’s mother knows she needs to get married as well in order to have a better chance of gaining full custody of her daughter. So, she picks up and marries a much younger man – Lincoln. Even after these two quickie marriages, though, both parents keep to their routines and Maisie is forced to be raised by Margo and Lincoln, separately. Every 10 days, she gets shipped off to one or the other. Soon, though, the inevitable happens – Margo and Lincoln begin to have a connection and have to decide what to do about Maisie, the little girl they’ve both come to love so dearly.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

I’d been wanting to watch this film for ages and finally got around to it a few days ago. I was a little wary when I first chose to watch it because I wasn’t sure if it would keep my attention. However, it was so easy to get absorbed into the story of Maisie. She seems to live a rough childhood, but she’s such an incredibly forgiving little girl. I only wish I could have had her attitude towards life as a child. As I followed Maisie on her journey to a happy ending, I felt such sorrow for her – being passed back and forth between two families cannot be very thrilling. However, Maisie sucks it up and makes the best of it. It’s a beautiful story that she has.

The only thing that I found that bothered me about What Maisie Knew was that it dragged at points. I kind of expected it to do this though as they’ve truly portrayed this story in a real life format. The story is so realistic and I know so many children go through this sort of situation every single day. That’s the biggest reason why I watched this film – its plot intrigued me simply because it was so real and I could never fault it for being that.

So, overall, I give What Maisie Knew 4 out of 5 stars and I would recommend it to viewers over 13 years of age. I would not recommend it to younger children because it does have some violent content.


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