Review: Enamoured by Shannon Curtis


Have you ever felt like you were living a real life fairy tale? Ever wondered why exactly it is that you feel like that? Well, according to Shannon Curtis’s Enamoured it’s because we all have our own fairy tales to live – we all have our lessons to learn and that special someone we’re meant to be with. But what happens when our fairy tales get off track?


Melanie Rhys, a twenty-six year old real-estate agent in training, is well on her way to finding out what dirty tricks her step-father is up to. He’s been running amuck in her family for way too long – getting way too close to her and beating her mother senseless. She knows if she can find dirt on him and his wretched business practices, then she can convince her mum to leave him. However, her plans seem to go awry when mystery man Colin steps into the picture.

Colin must be the sexiest, most devious construction worker Melanie has ever met. When he blackmails her into a date, she has no choice but to accept his deal to dinner, dancing, and a kiss. He holds her whole world in his hands after all. But what is his real motive in all this – is he in on everything with her step-father, or is he just a jerk of a bystander?

As far as Esmerelda – an old god fairy – is concerned, Colin is an Interferer. He’s messing up Melanie’s fairy tale and she’s charged with getting it back on track. But unfortunately, she’s got a partner to work with – the impish imp Rumpelstiltskin. How on earth is she going to get this fairy tale back on track with this bag of rocks as a partner?

Escape and Fantasy

It’s clearly easy to see why this book is an escape and fantasy romance. Hardly anyone in this book seems to be who they really are. Most of the characters take on false identities for their own distinct purposes. It really reminds me of many Shakespearian works.

Colin isn’t Colin at all. In fact, his real name is Cole and he’s an undercover cop trying hard to uncover dirt on Melanie’s step-father. He doesn’t particularly like using Melanie to get closer to her step-father, but a job is a job. And what could it hurt to share a few kisses with the gorgeous step-daughter in the meantime?

Throughout the majority of the story, Esmerelda and Rumpelstiltskin pretend to be loving, old couple Randall and Esme. They couldn’t possibly show up as a fairy and an imp after all, could they? So, instead they take on these identities to get closer to Melanie and to stop the Interferer. Randall takes on the part of Melanie’s boss and Esme is just his lovely old wife who wants to enjoy her life as much as possible.

Finally, there is Gabriel. He’s the one Melanie is dictated to really be with in her fairytale, but he missed his chance. Now, Esmerelda and Rump are tasked with giving him a second chance. As Randall and Esme, the couple introduce Gabe as their nephew. He can’t quite help pretending to be related to them despite the fact that he isn’t though – he doesn’t really know any better having been smacked in the face with fairy dust.

It’s obvious that there are quite a few romances in this cute little story – between Cole and Melanie and Esmerelda and Rump. They all seem unlikely, but ultimately seem to fit.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Honestly, at best, this story is kind of forgettable. I enjoyed it while I was reading it. It was cute and even sultry at certain points. However, there wasn’t much to set it apart from other romances besides the fairytale aspect of it all. I will give Curtis this though – she is very good at descriptions. I was easily able to imagine every single thing that occurred and every single person that was introduced.

While this was a quick read, the plot line just bored me a bit. It wasn’t incredibly suspenseful or exciting like I would expect a crime investigation story to be. It was definitely readable though. I suppose it just depends on the person’s taste as to if they would thoroughly enjoy this one or not.

Overall, I’d recommend this book to people ages 15+. It’s not especially explicit, but there are a few bits in it that I would not recommend to anyone under this age. Overall, I give Enamoured 3.5 stars out of 5.

Because reading is better than real life

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