Review: Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson

Double Dare

When someone begins to realise that their life is not their own, but is actually being run by someone else, and they want to finally make their escape, the only thing that can get them started is to do something daring. Maybe even a double dare. And who knows where said dare might take you. And that is the essence of Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson.


Louisa – Lou – Honeycutt becomes a runaway bride when it finally dawns on her that she can’t enter a loveless marriage just to secure her father’s snack cake company merger. So, when she lands in her father’s limo, she’s in desperate need of an escape and goes to the first place she can think of – Double Dare, Inc.

Sam Rawlins owns adventure guide company Double Dare, Inc., but would much rather be running an adventure magazine he calls The Edge. Unfortunately, though, he is incredibly short on funds for such a venture. So, when Lou shows up in his office begging for the adventure of her life and offers him a hefty sum for his guidance, it is just too much to resist. Is he getting himself in over his head, though with this overbearing big-shot’s daughter?


These two characters just make an irresistible match. Lou is so naïve and innocent, but she is gorgeous with just a touch of trouble in her blood. Her father has pretty much told her what to do and when all her life and she’s finally reaching to break free and run her own life for a change. But she has no idea where to start.

Sam is desperate to run his own magazine and settle down with a family. And even though he finds Lou to be an absolutely beautiful woman, he’s always lived by the rules to not get close with clients. No relationships of any sort allowed. He slowly finds himself breaking the rules for Lou though – I mean, how could be not? She seems the perfect match for him.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

If you’re looking for a quick, adorable contemporary romance, this is your book. The characters are cute and quirky and incredibly fun to read about, but I wouldn’t call the situation they’re in all entirely believable. But I mean, what romance novel is – with characters falling in love and asking for hands in marriage within a matter of two weeks? Most of the bad reviews I’ve seen on this book are based around that point, which I feel is a bit moot. It’s really just something you have to expect from the majority of romance novels. However, for someone who has read a lot of novels like this and is expecting it, then you will probably enjoy this book and may even read it in one sitting like I did.

There are some very explicit parts to this novel, so I would not recommend it to anyone under around the age of 15-16. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think Rhonda Nelson did a fantastic job of crafting a cute, quirky story. I give Double Dare 5 out of 5 stars.

Because reading is better than real life

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