Book Reivew: Looking for Alaska by John Green

looking for alaska

Expensive private boarding schools are the definition of fancy rooms inhabited by children of wealthy families gaining their independence during childhood. However, Culver Creek isn’t exactly on par with expectations. The heat of the south consumes the place and only exemplifies the old rundown school and its rundown faculty. But despite its less-than appearance, Culver Creek has a different sort of charm. Open Looking for Alaska and dive into the world of pranks, rule-breaking, and the life of some not-so-average and not-so-wealthy students.


Miles has been the average student living the average life when he finally convinces his parents that he wants to make a change. Attending Culver Creek is his route to do just this. On the look-out for his “Great Perhaps” Miles discovers something much different. He discovers a life much different from the one he’s been living – friends, romance, and fun. This is exactly what Alaska Young brings to his life. She will change his life in ways he never expected and after she’s entered his life, he finds that nothing is ever the same.

Plot Twists and More Fun

Looking for Alaska is full of fun. You will find yourself shocked and then laughing at the pranks these students pull on each other and the staff. They are not entirely unrealistic which is what makes them so much more fun. Because if you’re a prankster at heart, you could totally see yourself pulling some of these off. And these pranks are exactly what sets the story up for its plot twists that will surprise you even more than the pranks themselves! This book will keep you on your toes right up until the very end.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Having now finished this book, I am glad I pushed through as I actually found the beginning chapters to drag a bit. The story was good, but I found my mind wandering a bit simply because Miles is not the most interesting of characters. I felt it was the side characters that really made and progressed this book and I was glad to see they were very well developed. I would recommend this book to anyone who has the patience to push through a few boring chapters to get to the gritty good stuff. And when you get there, there really is a plethora of gritty good stuff to devour. However, because of the slight drag in the beginning, I am giving this book only a 4 out of 5.


4 thoughts on “Book Reivew: Looking for Alaska by John Green

    1. It’s totally worth the read. After wading through the back story and getting to the good stuff, it really does get REALLY good. There’s a lot in there you’d never expect!

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