3 Reasons to Surround Yourself and Your Creative Business with Other Creative People


As the owner of a creative business, I have learned how important it is to surround yourself with other creators. There are a lot of people who view us creatives as wishful and unsuccessful. While not everyone is like this, it is important to have a social circle of like-minded people to counteract the negativity. And here’s why:

  1. It’ll Help Boost Your Confidence

Over the past few years, I’ve met many creative innovators. Most of them aren’t even in the same craft as I am, but it is amazing how supportive crafty, creative people are. When you get a large number of great people supporting your work, your confidence receives a major boost which can ultimately boost your creativity.

2. You Gain Contacts and Clients/Customers

Creative people will make up a huge percentage of your market. A lot of my clients and customers have a craft of their own. In fact, a lot of them corner another part of the same market I work in. The great thing about this is that they know how to advertise for you. Like-minded crafty people know what each other are looking for in reviews and other forms of word-of-mouth. In most cases, if you win over someone in the creative world, news will spread like wildfire. You’ll gain many new contacts and customers because someone they trust is recommending you.

3. Other Creative People Help Increase Your Creative Flow

We creative people know how vital it is to our livelihood that new ideas keep coming. Sometimes, though, our brains get blocked. And no matter how hard we try, ideas just won’t come. Now, believe it or not, there’s a reason all your school teachers put you in groups to work on projects together – and it wasn’t to make your life harder. When you surround yourself with similar people, you can support each other. When someone simply can’t think of any ideas, someone else can bounce some ideas around. Ideas attract other ideas. It’s the same concept outside of school. If you surround yourself with a creative circle and make the effort to interact, your ideas will increase.


There are so many advantages to building a creative inner circle. This list is just a few that I’ve noticed since expanding my own. What do you think? What kind of experiences have you had with other creative people in your life? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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