Meet & Greet to Follow Up the NaNo Hop


Hey there NaNoWriMo blog hoppers (and well, any of my other followers as well). I follow this great blogger who runs the Harsh Reality blog. I’ve recently found out that he hosts a Meet & Greet on his blog. Basically, over 2000 active bloggers have posted in the comments of his Meet & Greet page in hopes to make genuine connections with other like-minded bloggers. This reminded me so much of our current blog hop.

Many of us have joined the blog hop that Raimey Gallant put together to do so much more than just gain random followers. We joined to make genuine connections with other writers – people who would help when we’re having troubles, people who would be interested in what we have to say in our writing lives, people who would support us as we continue on our amazing journeys. The blog hop has been great for that. However, if after the hecticness of the blog hop is over, you are still looking to make more genuine connections with writers and other artists, feel free to scroll through this meet and greet (I will link all details down below). There are so many different kinds of bloggers participating and I really think it is at least worth checking out.

So, head on over to the Meet & Greet HERE and see if you can make any other meaningful connections. Also, I’d love to hear what other ways you’re finding to make connections and how the blog hop is working out for all of you. Let me know in the comments section. Til next time, take care and catch you in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Meet & Greet to Follow Up the NaNo Hop

  1. I’m really excited to have met you and others! It’s nice to jump into my WordPress Reader and see what all of us from Raimey’s NaNoWriMo blog hop are up to after November. Thank you for posting and sharing this blog hop as well!

    1. You’re so welcome. I’ve rummaged through this meet & greet a bit and there’s definitely some wonderful people to follow. I’ve loved everyone I’ve found from Raimey’s blog hop this past week.

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