Review: Midnight Confessions by Robyn Carr


Learning to Move On

Moving on when you feel so broken can be one of the hardest things a person can do. We have to learn from our mistakes and accept that we can be better people and move on to a better life. We learn to realize that sometimes things aren’t meant to be. This is the theme throughout Robyn Carr’s novella Midnight Confessions.


Sunny and Drew have both been through pretty rough breakups in the past year. Both intended on spending the rest of their lives with their partners and have been spending the past few months trying to figure out exactly where things went wrong. When they meet at the New Year’s Eve party in small town Virgin River, it seems like they would be a good fit. However, when Drew approaches Sunny, it’s clear that she’s not quite ready to move on from the man who left her at the altar exactly a year ago. Drew doesn’t give up so easily though. Smitten by Sunny, he works to get her to open up and try to take on a new outlook as the midnight hour approaches. A new life for a new year.


Sunny and Drew are so rounded and down to earth in this story. They have no problem admitting that they are flawed, but know that they each have something to offer in a relationship. On top of that, they are both so driven by their passions and are respectful of each other. They make the sweetest pair as they discover more about each other throughout the story. Neither sees the other as perfect, but also know that that isn’t important because nobody is.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

This was a great New Year’s story. You could really feel the atmosphere of the approaching new year. Resolutions were being made, laughter and reminiscing was occurring, and it was just overall a very joyful story. The story only spans a single night, but it had a great pace. The story unfolded with flashbacks that propelled the story forwards. As the two main characters confessed their issues with the past year to each other, they both began discovering things they’d never seen before. It was so great how supportive they were of each other throughout this time.
I only have one qualm about this story – and it occurred within the last couple of chapters. I felt like Sunny’s self revelations unfolded way too suddenly. One minute she was of one opinion about her wedding day and the next she was saying the exact opposite. It was just way too sudden with no real backing to the realization. Other than this though, I felt this was an amazing story. The characters weren’t confessing their love for each other by the end of the night, but they were open to trying something new and seeing where the new year took them. It was sweet and ended beautifully. I recommend this story for anyone looking for a quick, sweet, well-written holiday romance. In the end, I give this story 4 out of 5 stars.


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