About R.a.V.


Hello All,

I’m Tessy – an avid consumerist and business woman in my 20s. Rendering a View is my brainchild. As a “jack of all trades,” I needed an outlet for my creative energy. As a result, I set up R.a.V. on the Tumblr platform. I blogged about any and all topics that came to mind. This was more than 5 years ago. Basically, my goal was to help people by giving them my perspective on life.

Eventually, Rendering a View became a review blog and relocated to WordPress. After a few years, the burden of not wanting to dilute the review content with other topics brought everything to a screeching halt. The hiatus went on for quite some time due to lack of inspiration. However, in early 2016, things began to change.

During my New Year’s vacation to the beach in 2015-2016, I began to brainstorm about rebranding Rendering a View. I did a lot of planning over the next several months – which finally led to an epiphany. This blog has always been meant to help others through my perspective. In figuring this out, I’ve begun to expand Rendering a View from its basic review niche to an all-inclusive creative lifestyle blog. The reviews will definitely be staying and will constantly be added to. However, I will be giving my readers much more content – ranging from crafting to marketing your small, creative business, to just everyday life as a creative consumer.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. If you’re unsure where to get started, click HERE for some ideas – or click HERE to go straight to the blog.


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